The Chapter 7 Process & What You Need to Know

00:03 hi my name is Frank papa
00:06 and I'm an attorney with the Law Offices
00:07 of Robert M Geller PA and I'm here to
00:09 talk to you today about the chapter 7
00:11 bankruptcy process
00:12 the process starts with your providing
00:14 necessary documents to our office to
00:16 assist you in completing the documents
00:17 necessary necessary to file your case my
00:20 staff will go to those documents with
00:21 you and stretch you to take the credit
00:23 counseling class required by the court
00:24 and come into the office to be with one
00:26 of our attorneys to go over those
00:28 documents to be ready to file at the
00:30 court you'll meet with one of the
00:31 attorneys will go over those documents
00:33 to make sure that even opportunity to
00:35 review them to make sure they're all
00:36 accurate and correct you'll assign them
00:38 they'll be filed with the court
00:39 electronically but a month after filing
00:41 they'll be meeting with the trustee the
00:43 chapter 7 trustee and an attorney from
00:45 our office will attend that meeting with
00:46 you the trustee will ask you questions
00:49 about your income assets and liabilities
00:51 and that thing's basically contained in
00:53 those documents before your discharge
00:56 will be entered you are required to
00:58 attend a debtor education course online
01:00 and that certificate will be filed by
01:02 our office with the court within 60 days
01:04 of your meeting you'll receive your
01:06 discharge of debtor in the mail freeing
01:08 you and discharging you of those debts
01:10 at that time please feel free to call
01:12 our office so you may be registered for
01:14 the 720 credit score program which is a
01:16 credit restore service that is designed
01:19 to assist you with building your credit
01:20 back to a 720 credit score within one to
01:22 two years your discharge in bankruptcy
01:23 it's a 12-week online tutorial that will
01:27 give you inside information and pointers
01:29 on how to build your credit back very
01:30 quickly once you've done that program
01:33 please feel free with the 90 days of
01:35 your discharge to give us a call one of
01:37 our attorneys will be happy to sit down
01:38 with you to go over your credit report
01:39 to make sure that all the creditors are
01:42 properly reporting your debts is
01:44 included in bankruptcy on your credit
01:45 report under the Fair Credit Reporting
01:47 Act thank you so much we look forward to
01:50 hearing from you and bridging you to a
01:52 brighter future
01:53 [Music]

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