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Success stories from our clients

I would to thank the Law Firm of Mr. Robert Geller for providing an exceptional service through the entire process of my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. No words to express my appreciation to the attorney Frank Papa who worked on my case. I have to say Mr. Papa has changed my life, I had a mountain of debts, yes it was a mountain of debts. I had very complex case, no hope, no life, everything was dark. However, what it looks impossible to every attorney, Mr. Papa can make it possible. Once he reviewed my case, he was confident that my case would be discharged. When Mr. Papa say ???Yes We Can??? it means it is done. I could not believe it, yes, I could not even imagine that I???m debt free and still thinking it is dream. Now I can enjoy my life with my large family, and grand kinds without any fear of being sued by creditors. I want also to thanks case manage, Betty Jo who walked me through the process step by step until the completion of my all documents needed for filing. Bankruptcy Law is very complex; it requires an attorney with extensive knowledge who is willing to spend time on the case to get the best outcome. Mr. Papa did it all. He spent hours and hours working on my case until he filed my case, and changed the life of my big family forever. Thanks to the best bankruptcy attorneys in Florida, thanks you to Mr. Papa and thank you to Law firm of Robert Geller. Regards A.F.B

This is long overdue, my case was in April 2016. My name is GG I live in the Central Florida area. After losing employment as well as divorced, life became tough. Being a single mom with a special needs child is very hard especially with all the doctors appointments and therapy schedules that follow. I fell behind on all my bills and found myself in a situation I could no longer get out of alone. I worked with Mrs. Scully and Mr. Geller on my divorce and now sought their help again with Bankruptcy. I can not tell you how absolutely wonderful and professional Mrs. Scully, Mr. Geller, Mr. Papa & Mr. Clark were towards me and my situation. The most understanding Lawyers I have had the pleasure of doing business with and will from this point on. They were with me all the way through whether it was a phone call, email and face to face. Life has become so much easier being able to focus more on my sons needs as well as mine and not on my bills. I have established credit again and am doing great! I would most definitely without any equivocations recommend all of these wonderful lawyers to my friends and family in their times of need. They kept in touch even after my divorce and bankruptcy to make sure all was well. Their staff has incredible people skills and you don???t feel like just another case number. You feel human! Thank you all again so much from the bottom of my heart! I can breathe again! – GG

Robert and Frank, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for everything that you guys did for me during the bankruptcy!! Frank, thanks for telling me about David Roberts he was an absolute rockstar! He personally called me and spent an entire day tracking down the exact vehicle that I wanted and had it delivered within two days!! David and his team went above and beyond for me!! I appreciate that his kindness stems from his relationship with the two of you ( I guess it does pay to know the right people?) Robert, thank you for bringing such a great team together and turning a bad situation into a positive life experience! I always thought that I would carry guilt and shame with me after filing bankruptcy. Granted it’s not my proudest moment but I can hold my head up high and share my testimony with others that I see struggling!From the bottom of my heart thank you!! ? Wishing you and the firm continued success!! -Corinne

This firm took the time to get to know me and my situation. In fact, they all know my dogs now, too! My dogs are my children and I take them everywhere with me. I trien 2 other offices for help but they would not allow me to bring my babies in if they were not registered service dogs! Imagine! any way, Thank you Mr. Geller and Crew! If I need something else, I will be back! -Stacie L. J.

After going through very challenging financial times; I was unable to sustain my financial responsibilities and as a result i lost the ability to live the lifestyle that 25 plus years of hard work had afforded me. As you can imagine I was devastated, to arrive at such a low point I became very self critical needless to say my Self Esteem was equivalent to the height of a roadside Curb.!!! At some point, my Esteem level had to take a back seat to accepting responsibility for my current situation and reaching out for assistance. I then began my search for help. After consulting several Credit repair and Law firms. I felt most comfortable embracing the Law Firm of Robert M. Geller. I found Atty. Geller, Atty. Frank Papa and other associates to be: Courteous, Empathetic, Professional, Compassionate and Very Knowledgeable. Not only did their guidance afford me critical options, they provided me a flexible path to file for Bankruptcy. From the start of Filing to the actual Bankruptcy Discharge, the time involved was a blurr!!! Due to Atty Geller and his team’s expertise-the Bankruptcy process was over in 60 days!! . Though I would expect Atty. Geller and his team to have moved on to the next client, that is not the case. Once my Bankruptcy Discharge was official, Atty. Geller offered me the opportunity to enroll in a course that would assist me with rebuilding my credit. The course is Per website, you can enroll in their course for $1000.00. Atty. Geller’s office enrolled me into the course at no charge!!! As a result of completing the course, in a very short period of time I have benefited from’s advice!!!! As a result of my good fortune with Atty. Geller’s law firm, I have and will continue to refer friends and family suffering from financial woes to the Law Firm of Robert M. Geller – CW Tampa, Fl

I hired Robert Geller for my bankruptcy 7. He was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional throughout the process. It was very stressful for me at first but Mr. Geller assured me that as long as I filled out all the paperwork that the bankruptcy would go smoothly and it did. His staff was very helpful and sweet. They were very attentive to me with all of my questions and always returned my calls and emails in a timely manner. I was impressed with his concern and care for my situation, so I highly recommend Mr. Geller for any of your bankruptcy needs. – Terry

Hello, over a year ago I found myself against a wall financially. I am a single mother of one, but over the past 7 years I was raising my deceased sister’s three teenagers and caring for my 85 year old grandmother; all while trying to work a full time and very demanding job. Between a very large rent, electric and utility bills, and not to mention feeding and clothing 4 children, I found myself broken both mentally and financially. I was also being sued during this time. Just when I was about to give up hope on everything, I met Mr. Pappas and Mr. Geller, and they gave me hope and helped to restore my faith! Nearly two years later after working with this dynamic team and working through the credit rebuilding program, I have increased my credit score, stopped any harassing creditor calls, and been able to repay some of my debts! I can see my way better now and have become much more wiser! I am working toward re entering college to obtain my Graduate degree and continuing to build my credit in order to buy my own home! I am very thankful for the credit rebuilding program because it opened my eyes and ears and conditioned me to become a better consumer. I utilize any discounts or perks that are available to me in order to cut my costs, I also work closely with my insurance providers to ensure that needed services are covered and in order to avoid large debts. I have taken the time to do a financial inventory of my monthly spending and been able to eliminate over half of my bad spending habits. I am truly thankful for this program; I was never judged and even when I would say “ I know this is too bad to bounce back.” I was reminded by the representatives that it was FIXABLE with a little hard work and diligence. This year I am less worried and stressed as the Holiday Season is upon me and it feels GREAT!!!!! I may not be wealthy and have a long way to go still, but nothing beats having that peace of mind and feeling of accomplishment. I will continue on my journey and soon will be sharing pictures of my success. I am more credit conscious and really enjoy all of the solicitations to ge4t credit cards or purchases (Although I am not as vulnerable to fall for many of them as I now read the fine PRINT).

Sincerely, S

Thank you for the opportunity! The 720 program helped me immensely! Within a period of a few months, I was able to raise my credit score to “fair”! I learned a lot of strategies as to how to increase my credit score! It gave me hope and confidence as to how to manage my credit. The course was informative and fun to take. It was also quick with short lessons that were not overwhelming. Not only that, because my credit score was improving, I was able to relocate and move into a beautiful apartment and lease a new 2016 car! I am very grateful for the 720 program and also for the legal group who helped me with one of the most difficult times in my life! This was the only legal group that I found who went the extra mile with helping me rebuild my credit when I didn’t even know that was an option! -Signed – “Extremely grateful client”

We pretty much lost everything when my income went down during the recession. At our lowest point we even lost our house in foreclosure which was so embarrassing, and caused us a great deal of anxiety to not only me and my wife but also to our children! We tried to get back on our feet and start all over, but it was very difficult especially with a bankruptcy and foreclosure. We didn’t know how to recover and did all the wrong things. THEN we put into action many of the ideas from the 720 credit program that was provided by the law office of Robert M. Geller. WOW what a difference it has made…by always paying our bills early and following the action steps, our scores, once in the mid 400’s are now in the 700s. We could have never accomplished this on our own. THANK YOU for your commitment to helping others recover from having a “financial bump” in the road of life. There is such a thing as Credit after Bankruptcy and that there is also Life after Bankruptcy and it doesn’t have to be a 7-10 year prison sentence! -S

I am just emailing to let you know about our experience with the Law Offices of Robert M. Geller. First I want to say thank you for your direction and professionalism. Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy went very smooth and uneventful because we followed instruction and did exactly what you suggested we do. Your payment plan helped us out because at the time we filed we were about flat broke trying to keep up with things that we did not have the financial means to handle. Your credit education course after the bankruptcy is also great.Our experience with your Firm has given us a renewed respect for the Law profession and our Judicial system. We are forever in your debt. -MK

I went to Robert Geller to get help. I lost my job and took another job that paid me alot less. I was falling deeper and deeper into financial trouble. Robert Geller met with me. We talked about my situation and he came up with a game plan. He assured me that everything will work out. So I went and filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. All those calls ended. I was able to focus on work and getting thru my financial situation. Not only did Robert Geller helped me thru the bankruptcy process but he paid for me to join a program to help my credit score to get back to 720. My financial life is looking good and WHOLE NEW FRESH START!! I would recommend Robert Geller to anyone that is facing the issues as I was.

Both Mr. Geller and Mr. Papa worked with me a great deal in order for me to understand the Ch. 13 process. They went above and beyond to make this process as easy and painless for me. Thank you!!

Attorney Scully assisted me with reopening my bankruptcy case when the bank tried to foreclose on my house after my bankruptcy was successfully discharged. Attorney Scully was in constant contact with me, as well as the banks involved with my case. Her due diligence resulted in successfully proving that the banks involved applied my funds inappropriately. I am happy to state that my house is no longer listed as being foreclosed.

Mr. Geller has helped me on two legal matters over the past 15 years. He is kind and understanding and knows how to really listen. Then he knows how to fight for every penny you are owed. I strongly recommend Mr. Geller. -MP

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was scared but you listened and calmed me down. Everything is turning out fine just like you said.” -PS

Dear Mr. Geller & Staff:

I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the help with my bankruptcy. Your help has been vital to my wife and I re-achieving financial security after our recent retirement this past January. We could not have accomplished this without your help and assistance. Be assured that we will in fact recommend your office for any other family, friends, or acquaintances in need of legal advise.

I will await the notification of the 7 steps to 720 program to rebuild my credit.

Thank you all again!

Respectfully Yours,

Thank you! This summer, I feel much more at peace than I did this time last year or all of last year for that matter. What a relief this has been to have a new beginning and financial recovery. Thank you for all you and Mr. Papa did to help me be successful and have this fresh start toward a better financial future. I am making changes and am at peace with my finances now. Sincerely, Amanda

Mr. Papa was very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to our case. He made the process easy and was able to be there for the extra guidance. We cannot thank Mr. Papa enough for he did for us. He is the best and we would recommend him to anyone who need the help. Thank you for everything you have done for my family. – Anonymous

I am truly grateful that I hired Robert Geller as my attorney. He, Frank Papa, and his staff were very friendly and helpful to me. He had my bankruptcy dismissed! His firm works as a team to heIp his clients. I researched other attorneys and decided he was that best on for me. I was right. I never thought I would never go through a bankruptcy. I was faced with the very frightening reality of not being able to pay my bills (medical and credit cards) which was further compounded by the fact that I was unemployed. The amount that I was in debt was absolutely horrendous. Mr. Geller is very professional with his services as he is quick to return phone calls and respond to emails. My finances were so poor as I couldn’t afford to pay an attorney with all costs up front. Robert had a payment plan that I could go on so that I could afford his services. He truly understands the financial stresses that a bankruptcy places on a person which is reflected in his professionalism through how he handles his services. He not only handled the bankruptcy but is also helping me get back on my feet by helping me reestablish a good credit score. Robert Geller is truly dedicated to helping his clients. I highly recommend his services to those who are facing a bankruptcy. -A Truly Grateful Client

I was in a very difficult financial situation. I was desperate and didn’t know what to do. I really didn’t want to do anything radical either—it’s so scary to take big steps when it comes to finances. But, Mr. Frank Papa made me feel at ease and helped me out with my situation with such confidence and ease. I am so happy I decided to hire Mr. Papa to undo the mess I got myself in. He is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and helpful. I will definitely recommend him in the future. Thank you so much Frank! Oh and by the way, my credit score is now higher than what it was before filing my case. So yes, definitely I am so grateful to him and his staff. -Anonymous

I can’t say enough about Mr. Geller and his entire staff. They were available when I needed them the most and were extremely patient and helpful explaining the process while guiding me through my bankruptcy. Mr. Geller exemplifies the professionalism and customer service that’s required when dealing with a delicate situation as a bankruptcy. Mr. Geller and his staff answered all of my questions entirely and treated me very friendly. They have kept me in the loop and have offered services that will improve my credit score going forward. I highly recommend anyone considering a bankruptcy to get in touch with Mr. Geller and his staff. As far as I’m concerned he’s the best in his field. Thank you Mr. Geller for all your help. -Lou

“Attorney Scully assisted me with reopening my bankruptcy case when the bank tried to foreclose on my house after my bankruptcy was successfully discharged. Attorney Scully was in constant contact with me, as well as the banks involved with my case. Her due diligence resulted in successfully proving that the banks involved applied my funds inappropriately. I am happy to state that my house is no longer listed as being foreclosed.” -Jan

“…I should have seen Robert Geller sooner rather then later. Take it from me, they really can help. Talk to them & get your life back. Life is to short, don’t let debt take it away from you.” -Bob

“Mr. Geller is by far the best bankruptcy lawyer you will find in the area. I had a difficult bankruptcy situation that required expert guidance and personal care. Before hiring Mr. Geller, I read reviews of hundreds of bankruptcy lawyers in the area. I also interviewed several as well. When I met Mr. Geller I knew he was the one to help me through this difficult issue. Mr. Geller is a straight talking individual who laid out the situation for me and explained every detail involved. The one thing that impressed me the most was that on my first visit he told me “You can do this and we will see you through it”. That gave me the confidence to work through this issue. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Geller and his staff treated me with respect and kindness. He and his staff explained and helped me through each and every item that needed to be completed to achieve a successful Chapter-7 discharge. If you are looking for expert legal advice and exceptional personal care in your bankruptcy then Mr. Geller is the one you want to hire.” -Anonymous

“Due to the economy and unforeseen circumstances, we had to hire an attorney. We met with Mr. Geller and was very impressed. He gave us advise and showed us what we needed to do. He was very knowledgeable about bankruptcy and gave us the right way to go. The whole process was very painless because of him. He is a wonderful person and really cares about his clients and knows his stuff. We would use him again and again if we had the need. We would recommend him to anyone. We were very happy to find him. We went through the process and came out on the other end in a good place. He gave us things to do after our discharge and helped us tremendously. He is there for us after all of this and we appreciate how he treated us. We never felt that we were losers in any way. We were told we could contact him anytime if we needed some help or had any questions. GREAT ATTORNEY!!!!!!!! Thank you Mr. Geller for all of your help.” -Anonymous

“I can not say enough good things about Attorney Scully. She is very knowledgeable and tells you up front how things are going to go. She keeps you updated as she gets any news. I highly recommend her for all your legal needs. She helped me with an unusual divorce and I will go next year to her for my bankruptcy. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Attorney Scully!” -Anonymous

“good job Due to unforeseen events, my wages were garnished. Mr. Papa took action immediately! He was straight forward with the events to take place and he had absolutely no hidden agendas or unnecessary billings. It was simply, ” I need you to do this… then this and I will do this.” I would recommend this office if you are looking for a group of professional attorneys that will educate and gently guide you through your unfortunate situation(s). Mr. Papa is knowable in many areas and takes the time to listen. I have recommend this law office to 2 individuals and they have also had a pleasant experience. When events take place in your life make this office your first stop. You will not regret it. I am only a client and have never rated a facility on line but I feel that they deserve it.” -Lydia

“Mr. Geller is an expert in his field. He’s thoughtful, kind and very knowledgable. He saved my marriage during one of the hardest times in my life. Not to be melodramatic but I often refer to him as Dr. Geller because he helped me get back on my feet and saved my life in many ways. Money problems IMHO are really one of the last taboo subjects left. Talking about them can make people uncomfortable and are quite scary. If you need sound advice I would highly recommend talking to this firm. I owe him more than I can ever repay.” -CD

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was scared but you listened and calmed me down. Everything is turning out fine just like you said.” -PS

“Mr. Geller has helped me on two legal matters over the past 15 years. He is kind and understanding and knows how to really listen. Then he knows how to fight for every penny you are owed. I strongly recommend Mr. Geller.” -MP

Frank Papa is an excellent compassion hard working Attorney – KB

“He is the best lawyer and his staff is wonderful I can not say enough great thinks about this lawyer. He cares!! My case was very complicated
and lasted a long time. The patience was fabulous. The staff would check on me.
He is board certified and well respected. He worked with me and I just can not say how fabulous this lawyer is…He is respected in the community…Highly recommend.” – Client

“Highly Recommended! If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting the same collection calls I was getting. And you don’t know what to do. Well Mr. Geller was able to stop the calls and give me a roadmap to starting over without the grief and stress I had been under. It’s like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Thank you Mr. Geller for helping me get my life back!” – Herman


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