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Tom Peverini


I was unemployed, I’d been laid off, and I was searching for jobs. I had a house that I had to get out of because it was in kind of a rough neighborhood. The neighbor had died, so my wife wasn’t comfortable there. We found another place to rent and I got into school. I had nothing. I was unemployed and going to school to get a degree in AutoCAD. My wife was having trouble and she looked up Mr. Geller’s office and Frank Papa helped us.

He basically told us what we needed to have the paperwork everything. We were pretty much broke. We’re living from paycheck to paycheck. My wife was the only one working and when we came here Frank was professional. He gave us a list of everything. We were successful in getting everything together, we brought it back to him and very quickly they’ve got it all together, and we signed everything. We went down to the courthouse. I had to sit in front of a judge and let him go through it. The judge is very professional, Frank was very professional, and everything was on point and where it was supposed to be.

Tom Peverini Moving On

After it all went by we waited for about two years and just recently within the last three or four months my wife and I were able to purchase a house, I got a car, and we got loans for windows and upgrades for the floors in the house. Everything went through. We had no problem, and everything was real professional. When we got here and everything that’s gone on has been pretty nice. Everybody’s friendly. They make you feel like you deserve to be here. You don’t feel like you’re kind of just taking up their time. Any questions I’ve had, any nuances to it’s been answered.

Recently I had a car that was put on to the demoted to the bankruptcy and the company that it was through was kind of giving me hassles, so I’ve now come back and they actually have me on retainer with them. So, if this gets out of hand, they’ll protect my credit like they said they would. Everything’s been great. I have a car, I have a job, I have a wife, we have another house, and life is good.  Yeah, I would definitely recommend them to anybody. I hope you don’t have to go through bankruptcy. To get answers and not feel like you’re alone is pretty cool. I would definitely recommend them to family or friends that would need somebody for their attorney. Frank Papa was awesome.

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