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Tim and Melissa Grolley’s Testimonial

Transcription: Tim and Melissa Grolley

My wife and I came to Robert Geller for help with our bankruptcy we had just gotten ourselves in debt as a contractor things have just gone real south on us and things were just piling up piece after piece to where it was unmanageable. Homes were starting to foreclose. We have investment properties that were not being able to rent during the times that we were in and we’ve just seemed like everything was falling apart on us. Going through a bunch of mail one day I just saw Robert Geller‘s letter and decided maybe I’ll just give these guys a call and uh just came over here. They were just absolutely fantastic with us.

At first we were a little kind of embarrassed and ashamed. We’re not folks that have we’re never in this position before but the phone call staying up at night I just you know I don’t think I slept for weeks on end sometimes. I came in here, it was really warm and really welcoming here. We sat down they were just great with us. He explained the process and told us what we were gonna be doing, gave us an opportunity to tell our story with him. He was very interested in us as people and what we were going through.

Tim and Melissa Grolley Recommend the Law Offices of Robert M. Geller, P.A.

They were really great to us here, helped us out, restore our credit. We just have recently discharged. I have a successful business again now and we just bought a new car. Our credit is good. Now it’s like an opportunity of some new goals and to look at some new things in life. We’re real excited right now. We just are really excited about what they’ve done for us here. Robert Geller, on a scale from one to ten, I’d rate it out there to ten. Definitely would refer anybody for this property absolutely perfect experience and we want to thank you for that.

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