How do I handle foreclosure with bankruptcy?

00:03 hi my name is Robert Geller and I am a
00:07 consumer bankruptcy lawyer in the Tampa
00:10 Bay area and today I would like to talk
00:14 to you about how you can handle your
00:17 foreclosure by following bankruptcy so
00:21 first I want to talk to you about maybe
00:24 you don’t want your house maybe you want
00:26 to get rid of your house maybe you too
00:28 much on it and you can’t afford it and
00:31 you just want to move on well you can
00:33 file a chapter 7 bankruptcy assuming you
00:36 qualify and a chapter 7 bankruptcy will
00:40 get you a bankruptcy discharge and a
00:43 discharge means that you don’t owe the
00:45 mortgage debt anymore and the mortgage
00:47 company can never collect from you for
00:50 the money you borrowed to buy the house
00:51 so let’s say your house is worth
00:54 $100,000 and let’s say that you owe
00:58 $200,000 maybe you even have a second
01:00 mortgage that you owe 70 so let’s say yo
01:02 270 on the house well you can file a
01:05 chapter 7 if you qualify and get your
01:08 discharge in a period of 3 months and
01:10 you can move on and then you can work on
01:13 rebuilding your credit in a couple of
01:15 years you may be able to get back to a
01:17 720 credit score and generally within
01:19 two years of filing bankruptcy a chapter
01:22 7 you can buy a new home so chapter 7 is
01:26 really potentially a good vehicle for
01:29 getting rid of your home but maybe you
01:31 want to keep your house
01:32 most of my clients do you want to keep
01:34 their house some people experience a job
01:37 loss for a period of time and they’ve
01:39 got behind on their payments or they’ve
01:42 had some health issues or something
01:45 that’s kept them from making their
01:46 payments so chapter 13 is generally a
01:49 repayment plan over a period of three to
01:51 five years and what you can do with a
01:53 chapter 13 is there’s kind of two ways
01:56 that you can save your home one is over
01:59 a period of three to five years
02:01 you can catch up all the back payments
02:04 that you’re behind let’s say you’re
02:06 behind $12,000 on your house
02:10 and let’s say your mortgage is $1,000 so
02:13 if you’re behind 12,000 and you’re doing
02:16 a five-year plan which is 60 months you
02:19 basically would pay the 200 a month 200
02:23 times 60 would be equal 12 thousand and
02:25 that would catch you up over five years
02:28 of the back payments plus you would pay
02:30 the monthly mortgage payment of a
02:32 thousand that’s what we commonly call a
02:35 cure and pay chapter 13 plan and a lot
02:40 of the chapter 13s that I follow for
02:42 clients that’s what we do and I have
02:45 helped many many clients do that over
02:47 the years the next way you can keep your
02:52 home through filing a chapter 13 is may
02:55 be seeking a mortgage modification and
02:57 there’s all different types of mortgage
02:59 modifications there are some
03:01 modifications
03:02 where you have to pay a lump sum up
03:05 front and then resume payments there are
03:08 some modifications where you can
03:10 actually reduce your monthly payment in
03:12 the interest rate and some of the
03:14 whatever your behind the mortgage
03:16 company can put in the back up back in
03:18 and sometimes a mortgage company will
03:20 even forget a period portion of what you
03:25 are behind on your mortgage if you need
03:28 more information about filing bankruptcy
03:31 click on the link on the link and we’ll
03:35 be glad to provide you more information
03:37 my name is Robert Keller and I want to
03:40 help you build a bridge to a brighter
03:42 future
03:47 you

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