Can I rebuild my credit after bankruptcy?

00:00 [Music]00:03 hi my name is Robert Geller and I am a
00:07 consumer bankruptcy attorney in the
00:09 Tampa Bay area and I want to talk to you
00:12 today about whether you can rebuild your
00:15 credit after filing bankruptcy and the
00:18 answer is absolutely positively I have
00:21 been helping clients for over 26 years
00:24 file bankruptcy in the Tampa Bay area I
00:27 have seen clients as many as three times
00:29 file bankruptcy over that period of time
00:32 unfortunately those clients have filed
00:35 their bankruptcy they’ve done very well
00:37 they’ve rebuilt their credit they’ve
00:39 been able to buy homes they’ve incurred
00:42 credit card debt and due to unforeseen
00:45 or medical issues they were not able to
00:49 rebuild they were not able to pay their
00:51 bills and have to need to file
00:53 bankruptcy again so I’ve seen it
00:55 firsthand for many many clients file
00:57 more bankruptcy more than once and be
01:00 able to rebuild their credit one of the
01:02 things that we do after you file
01:05 bankruptcy and get your bankruptcy
01:06 discharge is we provide a program called
01:10 720 credit score com that will teach you
01:13 over a period of three months how to
01:15 rebuild your credit what they teach you
01:18 is you can go to a credit union get a
01:21 small secured loan pay that off and that
01:24 won’t report positively on your credit
01:27 report or they will also teach you where
01:29 to go to get small secured credit cards
01:32 and pay those off and that will report
01:35 positively on your credit report many of
01:38 you are wondering if you can buy a home
01:40 after filing bankruptcy the answer again
01:42 is yes generally within two years of
01:45 filing bankruptcy and getting a
01:46 discharge assuming you’re doing the
01:48 things that you need to do to rebuild
01:50 your credit and I’ve just discussed you
01:52 can qualify for a conventional mortgage
01:54 financing and buy a home many of you’re
01:57 also wondering whether you can buy a car
01:59 after filing bankruptcy and again the
02:01 answer is yes we have seen many many of
02:04 our clients file bankruptcy and get a
02:07 car TRO call car loan immediately after
02:10 filing bankruptcy in fact we can make
02:12 suggestions to you of car dealers and
02:15 car financing companies
02:17 that will provide you a car loan after
02:19 filing bankruptcy so if you need more
02:21 information about filing bankruptcy
02:24 click on the link and my name is Robert
02:27 Keller again and I look forward to
02:29 helping you rebuild your credit and
02:32 building a bridge to a brighter future
02:36 [Music]

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