Corinne Sanzone’s Testimonial

Transcription: 00:00 [Music] 00:03 so prior to my bankruptcy I was
00:06 completely stressed out due to a health
00:08 crisis I wound up accruing debt accruing
00:10 debt occurring debt and could not find
00:12 my way out so with a little bit of ego
00:15 involved it was really hard for me to
00:16 decide to go ahead and file bankruptcy I
00:19 felt like a failure I felt like I had
00:21 let myself down let everybody else down
00:23 and I was incredibly blessed to meet a
00:25 gentleman in his law firm and that was
00:28 attorney Robert Geller
00:29 he sat me down and had a good
00:31 heart-to-heart talk with me and
00:32 explained to me how important it was one
00:34 for health reasons and two for my
00:37 financial stability in the future to
00:39 take a good hard look at the opportunity
00:41 of filing bankruptcy see because I had
00:43 over a hundred thousand dollars worth of
00:45 debt and it wasn’t from traveling taking
00:48 great vacations it was because I got
00:49 really really sick and I get a little
00:52 emotional with this because it really
00:55 messed me up so not only was i battling
00:57 my health for years but then I had the
00:59 pressure of all of that debt on my
01:01 shoulders and I would try and settle
01:03 different bills and then next thing you
01:06 know I was getting you know 1099s for
01:09 the fact that I had to pay the
01:10 differential on that settlement and it
01:12 was just getting worse and worse and
01:14 compiling piling and to the point where
01:16 I just felt like I couldn’t breathe so I
01:18 was incredibly blessed to meet Robert in
01:20 the team and they took me under their
01:22 wing explained all of my options to me
01:24 educated me through the process and I
01:26 decided to go ahead and file now through
01:29 the process they were with me step by
01:31 step and I’m not gonna lie to you I’m
01:33 not gonna tell you that I walked in here
01:35 and just signed some papers and said hey
01:37 that’s it it really was a struggle so if
01:39 you’re sitting there struggling I want
01:40 to encourage you that this is a great
01:42 opportunity for you they walked me
01:44 through the process explained everything
01:46 to me they held my hand helped me not to
01:49 feel ashamed of my decision and because
01:51 of that now I’m sitting on the other
01:53 side of it
01:54 so the bankruptcy has now been
01:56 discharged the weight and the pressure
01:58 is off of my shoulders I’m feeling so
02:01 much better physically and now
02:03 financially I’m building my future so
02:06 I’m grateful I’m grateful for every
02:08 single person on the team here with
02:10 Robert Keller associates they were a
02:13 blessing in my life and I really
02:14 encourage you if you’re thinking about
02:15 it now too
02:17 get in touch with them because I’m on
02:19 the other side and I a thousand percent
02:21 recommend them to my friends into my
02:23 family because I have freedom now and to
02:28 have that freedom and to be financially
02:30 responsible as I move forward into
02:32 building my future and the future for my
02:35 family so once again thank you guys so
02:37 much for everything that you did you’ve
02:38 been a blessing in my life
02:41 [Music]

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